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Anwer Spinning Mills is a name that ensures Quality with Confidence. We are one of the leading Pure Cotton yarn manufacturers in Pakistan and our commitment to customer satisfaction in terms of quality sets us apart in the yarn industry. That’s the reason our customer has been able to produce fabrics that are not only exceptional in quality but also in durability. To achieve this pride our Mills have invested heavily in modern machinery and equipment, as well as in training its workforce to ensure that we are up to date with the latest production techniques.

Product Information

100% pure cotton yarn

Anwer spinning mills offer an impressive range of cotton yarn counts, renowned for their exceptional quality, softness, and breathability. With our commitment to excellence, we offer an impressive cotton yarn of various counts that delivers unrivaled performance and craftsmanship.

Polyester Cotton yarn

Anwer Spinning Mills offers a range of Polyester Cotton Yarn options. Our collection includes a variety of counts and blends ratios. With a blended rate of 52/48, this blend provides the best of both Polyester & Cotton. with 52% polyester for additional durability and 48% cotton for added comfort.

Whether you need yarn for clothing, home textiles, or any other creativity, our range of yarn will surely deliver exceptional versatility and performance.